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Ed Seals v. Clarksdale mayor.

Here’s the public response to the article about the heated debate at a City meeting last month between Commissioner Ed Seals and the mayor.

Comments ranged from “wow” to “horrible.”  The article was shared off of this site and the ClarksdaleNews facebook page 223 times.

Response totals below are from Dec. 4th to 5:53 pm yesterday when this was written.

3,542 views on ClarksdaleNews (there are about 60,000 in total since our June launch).

2,540 visitors have been on the site (about 50,000 since launch).

The Seals v. mayor article was read and heard 2,842 times (it’s likely many were heard by more than one person at a time).  Note: this is about the same number of people that are needed to win a Clarksdale election.

The article was seen and heard all across the country.  It was also tracked in the following countries:

  • Kuwait 17
  • Bahrain 1
  • India 6
  • Japan 2
  • China 1
  • Netherlands 1
  • Brazil 1
  • Hong Kong 1
  • Australia 6
  • Great Britain 1
  • Egypt 1
  • Belgium 2
  • Norway 1
  • Ireland 1

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