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Clarksdale Public Utilities.

CPU Board says no rate increase discussed or proposed

From WROX: Yesterday’s meeting of the Clarksdale’s Public Utilities board was the final one for Freddie Davis. On Monday the city board appointed Adrian Allen to replace Davis on the CPU commission, and James Hicks will succeed Davis as chairman effective October 1st. During the meeting commissioners approved a press release stating the board had […]

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County Youth Outreach.

Coahoma County Budget Spending Cuts at CCYO

From WROX: Because the Coahoma County budget for next year has less money coming in, county supervisors cut spending. Revenues for the current fiscal year were $9.9 million; the new budget begins October 1st and projects just under $9.3 million in revenue. Funding for Coahoma County Youth Outreach will decline by about $25,000 and about […]

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Clarksdale Bus Station.

Preliminary Approval for Wingstop at Bus Station

From WROX: The Mississippi Department of Archives and History has preliminarily approved plans to convert Clarksdale’s historic Greyhound bus depot to a Wingstop restaurant.  Deputy State Historic Preservation officer Jim Woodrick says the changes will not harm the Mississippi Landmark, which is on the National Register of Historic Places. About $300,000 worth of renovations are […]

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The Molly Hootch case, Alaska 1976.

2 Day in Civil Rights: the Molly Hootch Case

From 2018 EJI Calendar 1976:  Facing a lawsuit from students forced to attend boarding schools hundreds of miles from home, Alaska agrees to build local high schools in rural areas for Native American students. From EJI Timeline In Lawsuit Settlement, Alaska Agrees to Build Local High Schools for Native Students In the late 1890s, the […]

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Martin Luther King, Joan Baez, Grenada, MS integration.

2 Day in Civil Rights: Grenda, MS integration attacks, 1966

From 2018 EJI Calendar 1966:  White mobs attack African American students attempting to integrate schools in Grenada, Mississippi. From EJI Timeline Black Students Attacked While Integrating Schools in Grenada, Mississippi Twelve years after the United States Supreme Court’s landmark Brown v. Board of Education ruling holding school segregation unconstitutional, the city of Grenada, Mississippi, continued […]

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Spring Initiative, Clarksdale, Mississippi.

Spring Initiative Students Entering College (it’s amazing)

Dear Spring Friends, Our newsletter had to take a summer break to make room for all the excitement! Can you believe that the 6th-graders from 2011, the 11-year-olds from our original Spring cohort, graduated in May and joined the ranks of College Spring this fall? We are still struggling to fully comprehend it all, but […]

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2 Day in Music: Sept 4th (Chicago bans Street Fighting Man)

Notable events in music history that have happened on September 4th from Clarksdale, Mississippi, the birthplace of the blues and rock n’ roll. 1781:  Los Angeles is founded by 44 Spanish settlers. 1882:  Thomas Edison starts the first commercial electric power plant in history. 1888:  George Eastman gets his patent for a camera that uses […]

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David 'Honeyboy' Edwards.

2 Day in Music: Aug. 29th (Honeyboy and Jimmy Reed)

Notable events in music history that have happened on August 29th from Clarksdale, Mississippi, the birthplace of the blues and rock n’ roll. 708:  Copper coins in Japan for the first time. 1758:  First reservation established for Native American Indians at Indian Mills, New Jersey. 1831:  Electromagnetic induction discovered by Michael Faraday. 1885:  The first […]

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The Beatles (smoked out)

2 Day in Music: Aug. 28th (I Have a Dream & Blowin’ in the Wind)

Notable events in music history that have happened on August 28th from Clarksdale, Mississippi, the birthplace of the blues and rock n’ roll. 1845:  The first issue of Scientific American magazine is published. 1898:  Caleb Bradham invents a carbonated soft drink that later becomes Pepsi-Cola. 1925:  Dancer great and actor Donald O’Connor (“Singin’ in the […]

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Clarksdale Public Utilities Board.

CPU’s Mark Johnson asks David Hunt about the FBI report

ClarksdaleNews received the following from Clarksdale Public Utilities General Manager Mark Johnson early last Friday morning.  The email was also sent to The Clarksdale Press Register, WROX and Mississippi Today.  It follows below exactly as received, with added comment(s) in parentheses. This document from Johnson also included three other email attachments.  They are also found […]

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