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Bhagat Singh Thind.

2 Day in Civil Rights: Indian Sikh ruled not a “free white man”

From 2018 EJI Calendar 1918:  U.S. Government declares Indian Sikh man born in Punjab ineligible for U.S. citizenship because he is not a “free white man.” The U.S. Supreme Court later upholds the decision in U.S. v. Thind. From EJI Timeline United States Declares Indian Immigrants Non-White and Ineligible for Citizenship Bhagat Singh Thind, an […]

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One of the three separate trials for the soldier revolt in Houston, Texas, 1917. This is from the court martial of 64 members of the 24th Infantry.

2 Day in Civil Rights: 13 executed in 1917 soldier revolt

From 2018 EJI Calendar 2017:  Thirteen black soldiers are executed after local police beat and shoot black troops stationed in Houston, Texas, prompting 156 soldiers to revolt.  In all, 16 are hanged and 50 soldiers are sentenced to life in prison. From EJI Timeline Thirteen Black Soldiers Executed After Revolt Sparked by Local Police Brutality […]

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President John F. Kennedy orders an end to racial discrimination in federally financed housing.

2 Day in Civil Rights: Kennedy bans race discrimination in fed financed housing

From 2018 EJI Calendar 1962:  President John F. Kennedy orders an end to racial discrimination in federally financed housing. From EJI Timeline President Kennedy Orders End to Discrimination in Federal Housing On November 20, 1962, President John F. Kennedy issued Executive Order 11063, banning federally funded housing organizations from discriminating against individuals on the basis […]

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Clarksdale Hight School Wildcats.

Clarksdale Football this weekend

From WROX: Three of Coahoma County’s prep football teams will see action tonight but only one has a home game.  The Clarksdale Wildcats play Tunica’s Rosa Fort high school tonight at Crumpton Field; you’ll hear that game on WROX Radio beginning with our pre-kick show at 6:35. The Lee Colts visit Indianola Academy tonight and […]

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Disappointments expressed at CPU Board Meeting

From WROX: At yesterday’s meeting of the Clarksdale Public Utilities board, longtime resident Bubba O’Keefe expressed disappointment at the board’s decision to terminate General Manager Mark Johnson, CFO Steve Reed and communications director Chris Campos, citing positive momentum within CPU during their tenure. O’Keefe stated that the public is frustrated by not knowing why the […]

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Takao Ozawa.

2 Day in Civil Rights: Supreme Court Bans Japan Immigrants Citizenship

From 2018 EJI Calendar 1922:  The U.S. Supreme Court hears argument in Ozawa v. United States where it unanimously upholds law banning Japanese immigrants from becoming American citizens. From EJI Timeline In Ozawa v. United States, U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Law Banning Japanese Immigrants from Becoming Citizens Beginning in 1790, the immigration laws of the […]

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Clarksdale Public Utilities.

CPU Board says no rate increase discussed or proposed

From WROX: Yesterday’s meeting of the Clarksdale’s Public Utilities board was the final one for Freddie Davis. On Monday the city board appointed Adrian Allen to replace Davis on the CPU commission, and James Hicks will succeed Davis as chairman effective October 1st. During the meeting commissioners approved a press release stating the board had […]

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County Youth Outreach.

Coahoma County Budget Spending Cuts at CCYO

From WROX: Because the Coahoma County budget for next year has less money coming in, county supervisors cut spending. Revenues for the current fiscal year were $9.9 million; the new budget begins October 1st and projects just under $9.3 million in revenue. Funding for Coahoma County Youth Outreach will decline by about $25,000 and about […]

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Clarksdale Bus Station.

Preliminary Approval for Wingstop at Bus Station

From WROX: The Mississippi Department of Archives and History has preliminarily approved plans to convert Clarksdale’s historic Greyhound bus depot to a Wingstop restaurant.  Deputy State Historic Preservation officer Jim Woodrick says the changes will not harm the Mississippi Landmark, which is on the National Register of Historic Places. About $300,000 worth of renovations are […]

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