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From the new Spring Initiative Newsletter.

Spring Initiative logoDear Spring Friends,

Take 3 minutes today to be inspired! (watch the video above)

There are so many Spring stories you won’t hear for a long time, some you might not ever learn about. While they might be amazing testaments to our students’ strength and resilience, they aren’t ours to share. We have always felt excited to talk about the victories, but we have consciously held back on describing the specific obstacles our students have been victorious over. Now that they are adults and in college, many students from our first cohort are deciding to talk openly about what they were up against, what Spring has meant to them, and how they are embracing their future. Five of these incredible young adults are sharing their stories with you in the short video above.

Spring Initiative, Clarksdale, Mississippi.

Thank you for watching. We stand in awe of these amazing young people and are grateful to have been on this journey together for the last 7 years.

Thank you for caring!
Love and blessings,
Your Spring Team

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