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By Marvin Reddick

Clarksdale citizen and patent holder, Richard Gregory.

Clarksdale citizen and patent holder, Richard Gregory.

The better Clarksdale Foundation is committed to improving the quality of life in Clarksdale, Mississippi through economic development, activism, and youth mentorship.  We at the Foundation feel that the most overlooked resource in Clarksdale is its’ people. The Mississippi Delta has always boasted a rich heritage of eclectic people in all disciplines of life.  We are still today still producing some of the country’s best and brightest.

It gives the Foundation great pleasure to introduce to the people a native son and brilliant inventor, Richard Gregory.

Richard is a lifelong resident of Clarksdale.  He graduated from Coahoma Agricultural High School in 1983.  Boasting a 4.34 forty-yard dash, Richard was a standout football athlete who drew the attention of the University of Memphis amongst other schools.   Richard decided to stay near home and choose Coahoma Community College where he played for two years.

Richard always considered himself a dreamer, always envisioning ways to make life better for others.  Following a natural technological inclination, Richard started a security camera and alarm installation business.

It was while installing an alarm system that he detected an odor of gas at the home at which he was working.  When learning from the gas company that there was enough gas in the area to blow up the whole block, Richard started dreaming.  What he came up with was genius.

Richard has invented a smoke/gas detector that will revolutionize fire safety and save countless lives.

Richard has received a patent for his invention in the United Kingdom as well as the United States.  Production is scheduled to begin soon the UK.  Richard is adamant about having his assembly and distribution plant located in Clarksdale.  The Better Clarksdale Foundation will be working with Mr. Gregory to a variety of funding for start-up to include but not limited to Grant and venture capital.

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