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WROX Radio, Clarksdale, Mississippi.From WROX:

The Mississippi Public Service Commission has charged six telemarketers for violating Mississippi’s No-Call law after an investigation found that the companies made 336 illegal calls to Mississippians.  Alleged violations have been filed against companies based in Arizona, California, Florida and Georgia; if they are found to have violated the No-Call law the companies are subject to fines of $5000 per call totaling $2.35 million.

PSC Commissioner Brandon Presley encourages Mississippians to download the PSC’s new smartphone app from the iTunes store or Google Play Marketplace by searching “PSC No-Call”; the app allows citizens to immediately report calls to the PSC from their cell phones.  Landline phones can also be registered at www.psc.state.ms.us or by calling the PSC at (800) 637-7722.

PSC Chairman Brandon Presley will be the guest on this week’s “Community Matters”, Sunday morning at 7 on WROX.

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