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Spring Initiative is the academic leader in Clarksdale’s remarkable after school programs

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Spring Initiative.About Spring: Spring Initiative is a comprehensive youth & family programs organization.  Spring builds on the transformative power of relationships and education because they believe that everyone needs to feel both loved and capable in order to thrive.

Spring Initiative is excited that you are taking the time to learn about their wonderful program, and please don’t hesitate to reach out!  Spring would love to hear from you!


Spring Initiative.Spring’s Mission:  Spring Initiative empowers children, youth, and families in the North Mississippi Delta to overcome adverse academic, social, emotional, and economic circumstances and systemic inequality through educational interventions; personalized, holistic support; and long-term relationships.



Spring Initiative.Youth Programs’ Vision:  Spring Initiative is a youth development nonprofit that offers comprehensive, long-term programs for youth and families facing adverse academic, social, or economic circumstances. Our after-school cohorts provide academic, relational, and social service support to address each student’s needs in a community that fosters belonging, achievement, healing, and health. Spring creates opportunities for its students to identify positive, possible, future selves by building academic and personal skills, confidence, and excitement. Spring encourages students to engage with others and themselves in a kind and proactive way. Spring believes that by exposing students to new places, individuals, and ideas, as well as inspiring them to invest in their own community, Spring kids feel empowered to dream big. Spring students overcome obstacles in a supportive cohort environment as they develop goals and a vision for their lives.

Spring Initiative.Baby University’s Vision:  The first three years of life provide an unmatched window of cognitive, emotional, and physical development in a child’s life and create an unparalleled opportunity for positive intervention. Baby University strives to harness this window of opportunity by helping parents develop the knowledge, skills and introspection necessary to raise happy, healthy, successful children. We believe that one of the most vital components to raising healthy, happy children is the establishment of a strong parent-child relationship. As a result, our program focuses heavily on guiding parents in building lasting and loving bonds with their children that increase parents’ enjoyment and satisfaction in their roles as mothers, fathers and caregivers.

Donate to Spring Initiative.

Donate to Spring Initiative.

Contact Spring:
Anja Thiessen
(217) 979 – 6807

Bianca Zaharescu
(217) 979 – 9741

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