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Spring Initiative, Clarksdale.

Dezaraye has three brothers who are already in Spring Initiative.

Spring Initiative logoDear Spring Friends,

We hope 2018 was a great year for you!

2018 brought many changes for the Spring family – the biggest one being that our original cohort fully graduated and went off to college. 2018 also brought us the grant that will let us add a new cohort of 16 first and second graring de students in January. The 21st Century grant we received late in the year will allow us to finally start Mini Spring. Dezaraye, pictured above, has one brother each in Big Spring, Junior Spring, and Little Spring. She’s been ready, waiting for her own spot. We are so excited to have her and her peers, which means Spring is now working with 80 long-term students. The grant does not cover everything we’ll need for Mini Spring (like vans or food), so if you can make a year-end contribution today it will go towards fully funding our newest cohort of tiny scholars and friends. Please donate today via our website or send a check to Spring Initiative, P.O. Box 1759, Clarksdale, MS 38614. If you date it December 31st, it can still be claimed in your 2018 taxes. Thank you so much!

The weekend of December 14-16, we went on our annual rewards trip to Illinois. With school getting out on December 21st, we scheduled the trip earlier in the month and rushed the itinerary a bit – but it might have been our best winter trip ever. We toured the University of Illinois, went ice and roller-skating, had a wonderful fundraiser organized by the Uni High Spring Club (THANK YOU GUYS), and truly enjoyed ourselves at the 3 different homes we stayed at (THANK YOU to the Zaharescus, the Changs, and the Easleys).

In fantastic news from Little Spring, all 16 students increased their Reading A-Z levels from September to December by one or more levels. However, 6 students grew by 5 levels!! In just 4 months! At Junior Spring, 3 students grew 5 levels as well. Awesome work is happening – we’re so proud of everyone’s progress!

College Spring was in the house before the holidays! Our freshmen and sophomores are back in town with another semester under their belts. They’ve learned, struggled, grown and survived. As these youngsters work towards their professional goals we celebrate their persistence – and get to enjoy them while they’re here with us. What an impressive bunch of young adults!

Another really exciting update is that Arcanna turned her Spring summer internship at the courthouse into a real job! Big Spring tried to place their students with organizations based on their interests and future career plans – and Arcanna was able to work with both the Circuit Clerk and the District Attorney this summer. She so impressed Demetria Jackson and her team at the Circuit Clerk’s office that they offered her the chance to work whenever she’s on break from school – which she has been doing! You go girl!!

Many great things happened this year and we look towards 2019 with hopeful anticipation. We wish and pray for continued growth, healing, love, excitement, loyalty, and friendship. Please support our start into the new year with a year-end donation today to help us kick off 2019.

Spring Initiative, Clarksdale, Mississippi.Spring Initiative, Clarksdale.

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