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3rd Street Bistro off to a great start

The new sign on the front of the 3rd Street Bistro went up today, and from all accounts the new Clarksdale take-out food restaurant, and owner Deandre Metcalf, is off to a really good start. The bistro’s ample menu features, entrees, sandwiches, sides and a daily special.  According to Deandre, business has been steady everyday […]

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One more ghost.

Is Clarksdale a Ghost-Free Zone, or Not?

It’s them, not us! No, it’s not Halloween, and that never stops the story of Robert Johnson making a midnight deal with the Devil at the Crossroads.  Here in this mystical place, with often surreal gothic themes, spirit has always been here aplenty.  Unlike anywhere else, we’ve seen great spirit coming out of poverty that […]

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Rainmaking isn't what it used to be.

Rain Cloud Making in Mississippi… that isn’t!

Top Gear NASA makes their own rain clouds… in Mississippi… That’s the title, but first the video. It is viral, and has been seen more than 212,624 times.  This video came to ClarksdaleNews last night from one of our citizens, who thought it was interesting, and it really is!  (Many thanks to you, Nacquia […]

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Clarksdale's Mrs. Vera Mae Pigee.

ClarksdaleNews home page changes with every click!

Yesterday and today: our history, our people and our culture. Remarkable people have always come out of Clarksdale.  We’re known worldwide for the music and musicians that came from here, or through here, that’s a fact.  Clarksdale is both the birthplace of the blues… and rock n’ roll.  But there’s much more to it. With […]

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Clarksdale Public Works Director, Todd Jones

City Public Works: Turnaround in One Day!

After moving back home from Lake Tahoe two and a half years ago, the lid on our trash bin to fall off about six months ago, and since then when it rains, our bin does a great job collecting water.  And then it weighs about a ton, and is difficult to wheel out to our […]

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