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Piggly Wiggly, Clarksdale.

Sports Complex Board can’t get quorum, again!

If a Board can’t meet regularly, with a quorum, is there a problem? From WROX: This article also contains opinion. Members of the press outnumbered board members in attendance at Clarksdale’s Quality of Life commission meeting on Tuesday.  Without a quorum no business was conducted, but city attorney Melvin Miller said he expects plans for […]

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Clarksdale Public Utilities.

Does CPU Bright Future Initiative address Clarksdale citizen needs?

CPU Celebrates 120 Years with Bright Future Initiative Service improvements, new technologies to benefit customers and the community From CPU PRESS RELEASE CLARKSDALE – Clarksdale Public Utilities is leading customers and the community toward a brighter future as part of the utility’s 120th anniversary celebration this year. CPU’s Bright Future initiative includes a series of […]

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Should Clarksdale Public Utilities move to Starkville?

CPU Update: (should CPU just go ahead and move to Starkville, anyway?)

(This post contains Editorial comment below.) From WROX: In a short public meeting yesterday the board of Clarksdale Public Utilities approved a $4800 bid from Temperature Control to replace part of the heating and air conditioning system in the administration building; the improved system will allow the billing department to move to an area closer […]

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Are rumors running wild inside Clarksdale City Hall?

What in the hell is going on in City Hall?

Rumors are swirling around City Hall.  They are in social media (that Facebook video), and on the streets. Pretty much everywhere! There’s even a new request in social media request for citizens that may have questions, issues or concerns about the City to reach out privately, or publicly. Is there chaos in City Hall?  Are […]

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Opinion about Clarksdale Public Utilities.

Some general thoughts on matters CPU

In no particular order, here’s some general opinions and thoughts into the evolving story about our public utility company and its leadership. Something Material? ClarksdaleNews has been talking with some CPU officials.  It is clear that some think the investigation will, or has, revealed something of material consequence on our three suspended executives.  What that […]

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Michael Hunter on the road to recovery.

Call Me Michael (I ain’t Dollar Bill no mo’)

“You been seein’ the McCain funeral, we been watchin’ it,” and with that Michael Hunter floored me again. We talked about McCain briefly, I should’a dug into it more, to better understand what Michael thinks about all of that, but our conversation quickly moved on to Michael remembering the last time we met, and how […]

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Stand Up, Speak Out in Clarksdale.

Dave Speaks Out… and so can You!

One of ClarksdaleNews’ main goals is to give voice to our citizens.  If you feel like you want to say something, or that you don’t have a place to be seen and heard, you got that place now.  All must be within our ethics and standards, of course (here), and we are most interested in […]

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