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tourism thinking

Thoughts on Clarksdale Coahoma Tourism

OPINION The man who never alters his opinion is like standing water, and breeds reptiles of the mind. William Blake My hometown has never been short of opinion.  Me either.  Our opinions often come from something we really know about, and most of us are rather sure our opinion is truly informed.  Yet, it’s also […]

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Ken Murphey, Michael Hunter and Willie Turner JR.

A good story, pt 1: Dollar Bill is Michael Hunter, again.

An Unexpected Coming Together to Find a Solution (pt 2 of this story here) The phone rang here late at night after we had just put up the first round of the honorary Arts & Culture District signs in downtown Clarksdale.  It was our State Representative Orlando Paden.  It was a courtesy call that someone […]

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Clarksdale Public Utilities.

WROX Update: What CPU is doing that’s exceptional

OPINION ClarksdaleNews has had recent interactions with CPU with General Manager Mark Johnson, Chief Financial Officer Steve Reed, and Public Relations Director Chris Campos.  There also has been frequent work done with many of CPU’s managers and crewmen.  Much of this involvement had to do with mounting the Arts & Culture District signs downtown, and […]

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Virtual Reality Center, Clarksdale.

Clarksdale’s Virtual Reality Center gets national attention on Fox News

VRC on Fox News Website Instantly Brings Interest Here As background to this Fox News article, The Virtual Reality Center (VRC) has been working significantly with Mississippi’s Premiere 6-12 Independent School, Jackson Prep.  Located in Jackson, MS, the VRC relationship there is spearheaded by Jackson Prep’s Adam Mangano, and Vince Jordan from VRC.  Their joint […]

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EJI Segregation in America Report.

EJI Report on Segregation in America

ClarksdaleNews believes we have come a very long way, and that our progress is positive. There is still a way to go.  Education about out past is also particularly important.  It shows how far we’ve come, it shows that more is possible, gives light on the path to it, and helps unify all of us […]

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3rd Street Bistro off to a great start

The new sign on the front of the 3rd Street Bistro went up today, and from all accounts the new Clarksdale take-out food restaurant, and owner Deandre Metcalf, is off to a really good start. The bistro’s ample menu features, entrees, sandwiches, sides and a daily special.  According to Deandre, business has been steady everyday […]

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One more ghost.

Is Clarksdale a Ghost-Free Zone, or Not?

It’s them, not us! No, it’s not Halloween, and that never stops the story of Robert Johnson making a midnight deal with the Devil at the Crossroads.  Here in this mystical place, with often surreal gothic themes, spirit has always been here aplenty.  Unlike anywhere else, we’ve seen great spirit coming out of poverty that […]

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