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The Jericho Road Show.

The Jericho Road Show.

Here’s a few images from Jericho Road Show’s performance in the Juke Joint Chapel at the Shack Up Inn last night.  One of the best, and most authentic bands to regularly  play Clarksdale, they are always amazing, and their select array of unique and original songs are a reverent most entertaining tour of the roots of American music.

Wes Lee, the group’s lead guitarist, although all of the rest of Jericho plays lead too, could not be there last night, and Godspeed to you and your family, Wes.  It is our understand that he will make their gig in Indianola tonight, though.

Libby Rae Watson was there, and her performance smile is the real thing, meaning she has the same thing off stage too.  Bill Steber always has a gospel revival sorta voice, especially adding an up flavor to his singing the blues, and Ramblin’ Steve Gardner, all the way from where this Mississippi musician lives in Japan, is an authentic treasure too, all on his own.

A crowd of about 50 danced, hooted and hollered at the Chapel last night, and in particular a couple who drove down from Michigan just to be in Clarksdale just danced the night away.  I can still hear their harmony in my head sipping coffee and putting this short missive together early this morning.

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