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A ghose (for sure).

A ghost (for sure).

It’s them, not us!

No, it’s not Halloween, and that never stops the story of Robert Johnson making a midnight deal with the Devil at the Crossroads.  Here in this mystical place, with often surreal gothic themes, spirit has always been here aplenty.  Unlike anywhere else, we’ve seen great spirit coming out of poverty that gave melodic gift to mankind, and we’ve seen the worst in our nature create the abusive horror that gave rise to it.

Devil at the Crossroads.The devil did his dance here, that’s for sure, the Crossroads myth is part of it, and we’ve found rejoice knowing that light did overcome darkness too.  But, in the back of our minds, even thinking about all that became good, do we still wonder… are there any ghosts still lurking around in the shadows of our dark Delta nights?

Well, the good news is apparently NO.  In two recent examples, lets not call them scientific studies, we are way down on the ghost meter.  If fact Clarksdale is not even a tepid normal on the paranormal; the ghost meter just laughs at us.  We got the Crossroads, but others got the ghosts!  (ok, if we even had one ghost, lets hope it is Son House)

It’s Vicksburg and Natchez that have a real ghost problem.

McRaven pre-civil war home, Vicksburg.

McRaven pre-civil war home, Vicksburg.

Here’s the evidence, the list from a recent article below details the top ten haunted places in Mississippi.  Vicksburg has three of them. Natchez, only two.

The next list is from a recent article about tours of haunted houses in Mississippi.  Vicksburg has four of these . Natchez, again only two.  And, Vicksburg further stands out as having the most haunted house in Mississippi, and the third scariest place in the country (McRaven, don’t go there).

Vicksburg ghosts run amuck at Cedar Grove Mansion just about any time.

Vicksburg ghosts run amuck at Cedar Grove Mansion just about any time.

by Daniella DiRienzo

10 Of The Most Haunted Places Around Mississippi Where You Can Spend The Night

With such a rich history, it’s not surprising that Mississippi is home to quite a few notorious haunts. Most of the state’s spooky sites are open for tours, and some, even allow you to stay the night. From haunted mansions to an overnight paranormal investigation, these 10 places in Mississippi are perfect for a spooky slumber.

The little red ghost house in Florence, MS (avoid it plenty).

The little red ghost house in Florence, MS (avoid it plenty too).

Haunted Houses: (here)

1. Cedar Grove Mansion, Vicksburg
2. Monmouth Historic Inn, Natchez
3. Deer Island, Gulf Coast
4. Anchuca Historic Mansion and Inn, Vicksburg
5. The Mississippi House, Florence
6. Lincoln Home Bed and Breakfast, Columbus
7. Witch Dance, Natchez Trace Parkway (mile 233.2)
8. Duff Green Mansion,Vicksburg
9. Linden Bed and Breakfast, Natchez
10. Generals’ Quarters Bed and Breakfast Inn, Corinth

Nobody can explain why anybody would want to go here.

Nobody can explain why anybody would want to go here.

8 Haunting Tours In Mississippi That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

by Daniella DiRienzo

Halloween may be a few months away, but it’s never too early for a good scare. Luckily, Mississippi is filled with real haunts that are open for tours all year. So the next time you’re looking to have a spine tingling adventure, check out one of these haunting tours in Mississippi.

Haunted Tours: (here)

1. Dunleith Historic Inn, Natchez
2. City of Natchez Ghost Tour, Natchez
3. Vicksburg Haunted Venues Tour, Vicksburg
4. Duff Green Mansion, Vicksburg
5. Deason Home, Ellisville
6. Waverly Mansion, West Point
7. Vicksburg National Military Park, Vicksburg
8. McRaven, Vicksburg

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