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Higher Purpose Co.

Higher Purposes Co in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

Higher Purposes Co in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

Higher Purpose is a recently created non-profit company based here in Clarksdale.  According to it’s website, the core mission is to help build community wealth across Northwest Mississippi by focusing on business development, strategic real estate investing and social enterprise initiatives.

Higher Purpose CEO, Tim Lampkin.

Created by it’s Chief Executive Tim Lampkin, the Company does business development through education, access to beginning funds, support services and entrepreneur mentorship.

They offer real estate investing expertise and guidance on both commercial and residential properties and land.

Higher Purpose also develops social enterprise to employ and train residents with creative strategies to help their individual entrepreneurial ventures.

Higher Purpose already features 5 helpful programs:

1. Capital Access Program introduces Kiva Loans that offers 0% interest small business loans to socially impactful entrepreneurs.  Based on the interest of an entrepreneurs “story”,  the loans are funded by a network of lenders around the country, and the world, where lenders could fund as little as $25 each, or much more.  The loans are up to $10,000, on 36-month terms at no interest.  No high credit score or collateral is needed.

Initial requirements for these loans, and suggested loan uses here.  Apply for a Kiva Loan here.

A sample Benoni Tagoe education development event.

A sample Benoni Tagoe education development event.

2.  Entrepreneurship Education Program is free education to the underserved in the Mississippi Delta that focuses on business, social and economic topics. 

One of the features of this education program is a Facebook Live class taught by Benoni Tagoe, who got his entrepreneural and development bona fides as part of the management team of the Jonas Brothers.  With that beginning, Benoni has branched out to help others develop business sense and success significantly.  He has gathered more than 20 million social media views producing content for television and new media. he is head of biz dev for Issa Rae Productions, he has been profiled as a “Modern Man” in Black Enterprise Magazine and more.

Carla Keys.

Carla Keys.

3.  Mentors in Residence Program  comes with Carla Keys, who helps young adults to find and live an extraordinary life.  “Pay if forward” is Carla’s catch phrase, and how she walks like she talks is by helping aspiring young future business thinkers to connect with the retail world.

Carla’s background is a decade working for Fortune 500 companies, such as Wal Mart and L’Oreal, for example, where her experience was with retail operations and product management and development.

4.  Money, Purpose & Success Program is designed for driven women with business and creative spirit.  A recent summit at nearby Delta State University is a terrific example of what this Higher Purpose program offers.

Tanya Ripley.

Tanya Ripley.

Led by keynote speaker, Tonya Rapley, the education session included these presentations:  The 5 Steps to Launch Your Business; Creative Queens, Leveraging the Creative Economy; Access to Capital, Funding to Start and Expand Your Business; Creating Funnels for Your Business; Power Networking and Partnerships and Mind Right, Money Right, Creating Your Best Financial Life.

5.  Delta Creative Business Challenge Program, apply for it here.

Higher Purpose Leadership: (see them here)

Higher Purpose Co has a full time staff of three: CEO Tim Lampkin, COO Ryne S. Gipson and Creative Director Ivory Cancer.

There is a seven member board:  Dr. Sondra Collins, Leonette Henderson, Krystal Beachum, Pamela Hadley, Philip Ashley Rix, Borie Kenyett and Derek Dewayne Hopson, Jr.

The Higher Purpose Co.
110 Yazoo Avenue, Suite 205
Clarksdale, MS 38614

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