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Head Start

THIS PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION:  come back and watch it grow.  (the notes here are how COI and Head Start admin will help us build this to best serve our community).

Head Start is part of Coahoma Opportunities Inc.


Head Start Programs:

Head Start in education action.

Head Start pre-school in child development and school readiness action.


Structured activities that allow each child to develop intellectually,physically, socially and emotionally in a culturally-sensitive environment.

The Head Start staff and teachers provide children with a variety of skills that have been identified as predictive of later reading and literacy achievement, school readiness and school success.


Each Head Start child is provided a free breakfast, lunch and snack.  Food is served in a family-style setting that adheres to USDA guidelines.

Health Services.

Head Start children receive routing medical and dental screening and health service follow up.  Families are connected to medical and dental “home” to ensure continuous quality healthcare.

Family Services.

Head Start children receive family-centered services based on parental input.  A key focus of Head Start programs is to strengthen and move families toward self-sufficiency.


Transportation is available for all Head Start children to and from the program, including children with disabilities.

Parent Involvement / Volunteer Services.

Parent involvelment in Head Start is most important to a child’s growth and development.  Parents receive Head Start training in policies, child development and school readiness.  Parents are also encouraged to volunteer, and as members of the Head Start Policy Council and the Board of Directors, parents can also have a voice in policy making decisions.


Head Start.Guide Notes:

with photos

Administration/staff (may go under separate button, will look like City/County officials pages)
title, photo, bio

Directory: (may also go under separate button, will look like City Staff page)
department, title, phone no, extension, email address (biz, not necessarily personal)

Headstart Programs (listed one-by-one, every one of them)

Each program:
1. brief program overview/mission statement
2. bullet points further describing what program is
3. who/age-group profgram is for
4. how many in program?
5. Director(s) / teachers / help / volunteers… etc (names and photos if possib)
6. How to get in program/qualifications (if applicable)
7. Program length (how long)
8. When does program meet>
9. Program OUTCOMES (how headstart helped)

Remember:  think through what public asks you, let’s answer every question about what Headstart is, what it does, how it helps, and what is required to be part of it.




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