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Griot Arts Program


Griot Arts is a youth enrichment program that fosters community
engagement through the arts in Clarksdale, MS.

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As one the few creative youth development organizations serving the Mississippi Delta, Griot’s after-school arts programs offers a creative, compassionate, spiritual, and nurturing community for young people to develop their futures. Through strengthening its core arts programs, Griot is assisting its students to discover their life’s passion and to utilize the life- and job-skills they develop to realize their goals and to live life to the fullest.

The Griot Arts Program is about community.

The Griot Arts Program is about community.

Community:  In 2014 Griot Arts started a new program, created to help prepare young people to provide for themselves and their families.  Griot’s Meraki Coffee Roasting Company provides opportunities for young people to gain the skills needed to be able to sustain themselves and their families through meaningful, life-giving work. Meraki gives real-life, hands on experience to young adults (18 to 25 year olds) and works to prepare them to be excellent employees and able to provide for themselves and contribute to their community.

The Griot Arts Program is about compassion.

Compassion:  Griot Arts creatively addresses the problems of the generational poverty cycle in Clarksdale and the Mississippi Delta by giving young people the resources and the empowerment they need to support themselves and their families and become responsible citizens that are able to contribute to their community.



The Griot Arts Program is about creativity.

The Griot Arts Program is about creativity.

Creativity:  The Griot Youth school arts program for teenagers provides excellent teaching in various arts mediums, tutoring focused on life-long learning, and a thriving mentoring program with 26 adult mentors.  Students at the program engage in student-led “town hall meetings” each Tuesday to discuss the issues that are going on in our community and how they can use their talents and abilities to change the things that they don’t like.


Christ:  Griot Arts is grounded in the belief that God can restore all things, and wants to work with his people to do so. Changing lives and communities starts with changing hearts, and that is a job that requires Jesus to be at the center and in control. We have been incredibly blessed by what God is doing at Griot and are so thankful to know that He is in control. God is big, and we can’t wait to see what big things He will continue to do here at Griot Arts!

Donate to Griot Arts.

Donate to Griot Arts.


Ben Lewis or Cali Noland
Phone: 662-902-6805
278 Sunflower Ave
Clarskdale, MS 38614

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