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Govt Updates

Clarksdale CPU Board.

Update on CPU investigation from Mark Johnson

This comes directly from Clarksdale Public Utilities General Manager (Executive Director) Mark Johnson.  ClarksdaleNews received it 5 minutes ago.  It is unedited, and exactly as received. August 16 and 17, 2018 Chris Latimer, my attorney, and I entered the Hampton Inn Conference room at about 9:45 am,  and we met Curtis Boshert, former City Attorney […]

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Suspended graphic.

Another “Personal” Matter at CPU?

From WROX: A fourth Clarksdale Public Utilities employee has been placed on suspension.  General Manager Mark Johnson, CFO Steve Reed and communications director Chris Campos have been on paid administrative leave since July 26th and WROX has learned that IT manager Brandon Soldevila was also suspended for three days this week. Interim general manager Jim […]

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Clarksdale CPU Board.

A CPU Executive Director Timeline: Is there a pattern here?

ClarksdaleNews will post an opinion piece about what is here shortly. (warning, this one has a lot of facts and words) ClarksdaleNews received an email with 13 pdf’s that led to this article yesterday afternoon.  Others in our community received the same package, which included all of our press, some officials, and business leaders. A […]

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CPU interrogation.

Update on CPU Interrogation of its Senior Executives

According to sources, here is an update into the CPU investigation into their Senior Executive’s Mark Johnson, Steve Reed and Chris Campos.  This update is subject to change. Mark Johnson will be interviewed on Thursday by CPU attorneys Jim Herring and Curtis Boschert at a room at the Hampton Inn at 10 am. Chris Campos […]

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Increasing Clarksdale energy bills.

Annie Houston and 10 more appear before CPU Board about increasing bills

From WROX: At yesterday’s meeting the Clarksdale Public Utilities commission again heard from Clarksdale resident Annie Houston.  When she addressed the board in July regarding high electric bills board chairman Freddie Davis promised a “full investigation” would be undertaken; he reiterated that yesterday adding “we understand and are listening”. Ms. Houston was accompanied by 8 […]

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Smoke damage at Cheap Charlie’s Furniture

From WROX: Clarksdale fire crews responded to Cheap Charlie’s Furniture on Desoto Avenue yesterday morning and had things under control in about an hour with mostly just smoke damage.  Mayor Espy has asked fire chief Rocky Nabors to have the state fire marshal assist with the investigation; it’s the third fire in the last two […]

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Free Clarksdale WiFi.

City of Clarksdale Stops CRI Annual Support

This comes from a communication sent directly to Clarksdale Revitalization Inc. (CRI) Board members: “It’s official.  The City will not be funding CRI directly this year.  Any projects we want them to finance will need to go before the board.” The City of Clarksdale has been funding CRI at a rate of $25,000 per year […]

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Clarksdale City Attorney, Margarette Meeks.

City Attorney Leaving

From WROX: Clarksdale city attorney Margarette Meeks is leaving. With experience in the state attorney general’s office and her own law firm, Meeks became the first female city attorney in Clarksdale history one year ago. Her resignation will be effective in 90 days.

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CPU investigation on, Sr. Exec’s suspended salaries extended

From WROX: The board of Clarksdale Public Utilities met yesterday in executive session to officially acknowledge the city’s offer to settle the federal lawsuit brought by the utility commission. They also voted to extend the investigation being conducted by attorney Jim Herring who is looking into allegations against General Manager Mark Johnson, CFO Steve Reed […]

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