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The heat of a moment inside a City Meeting

This is not something the public usually gets to hear, but it is very much your City at work.  The audio file below is Commissioner Ed Seals and Mayor Chuck Espy in spirited debate concerning the Clarksdale Police Department.  This comes from a City meeting that was held on November 8th.

Rather than provide insights and opinion on this debate, ClarksdaleNews rather thinks you might want to form your own point of view, and there are certainly at least two points of view that appear hear.

What is clear is both the mayor and the commissioner want what they think is best for us.  Like all politics and political positions, though, the question is what is the best way to get where we need to be?  And who has the wherewithal to get us there?

There is a monologue of some length that proceeds this rather spirited discussion, and ClarksdaleNews will likely post this too, probably with some comment sometime this week.


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