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Dave Houston.

Dave Houston.

One of ClarksdaleNews’ main goals is to give voice to our citizens.  If you feel like you want to say something, or that you don’t have a place to be seen and heard, you got that place now.  All must be within our ethics and standards, of course (here), and we are most interested in anyone who might want to write here regularly.

We’re looking for positives, or things you see where Clarksdale can do better. Here’s a great example of your voice being heard in our community.  This comes off Dave Houston’s Facebook page.

Stand up, speak out!  We hope there will always be more.

From Dave Houston (here)

When I see these Smooth Talkers saying they are active in the community! What community? Coahoma Community College! The community don’t see y’all until you need the community!!! Give another award out for community service I’m calling Kanye West on the stage!!

•  Little League Football Coaches going unrecognized in the sun all day with little boys.

•  Championship Coaches (2Peat) going unrecognized.

•  Griot Arts Inc. (After School Program) going unrecognized.

•  Spring Initiative (Empowerment of our youth),

•  Underpaid Police Officers (Grinding day and night have cut Clarksdale Crime rate in half) but still going unrecognized!

•  I know a man Payno who walks and picks up paper and cans every morning Downtown! You pass right by him daily but he’s unrecognized! They don’t see you, I do!

I give you guys the UPMOST RESPECT!!  We don’t do anything to inspire our citizens that’s putting in the ground work, we bash them and they keep it pushing! Rewarding our friends that has the Benz or BMW! I leave you with this! In every school there’s a janitor (The Guy that maintains the small things), if you take that janitor from the school the school will crumble! The little man has the most important job in the building!!!

Start calling out this fake news in Clarksdale!!

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