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WROX Radio, Clarksdale, Mississippi.From WROX:

The legal bills continue to mount for Clarksdale Public Utilities.  This week the board approved payments of $26,536 to attorneys David Hunt and $11,616 to Jim Herring; since September 1st CPU has paid over $107,000 in legal fees to Hunt, Herring and Curtis Boschert.  Herring alone received $36,680 for investigating a variety of charges of against former general manager Mark Johnson, CFO Steve Reed and communications director Chris Campos.

Clarksdale Public Utilities.Questions on Public Disclosure

WROX asked Johnson this week if he would consent to release Herring’s findings which led to termination of the CPU3. WROX is awaiting his response.  In addition, all of the CPU 3 were also often asked by ClarksdaleNews and WROX if they would consent to their record beiong made public upon completion of the investigation. On every occasion their answers were affirmative, and most often followed with the assertion that they had “nothing to hide,” and had done “nothing wrong.” In fact, the particular question about public release of information is included in this article that was published prior to the terminations (it was asked publicly to the Board, and privately to the CPU 3).

It is possible that the prior stated position of the CPU 3 could have changed based on advice from legal counsel, but both WROX and ClarkdaleNews are currently exploring every possible solution to overcome impediments to get the public more information on the cause of these terminations as fast as possible.


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