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WROX Radio, Clarksdale, Mississippi.From WROX:

The board of Clarksdale Public Utilities met yesterday and approved a $3,500 sponsorship of this year’s Juke Joint Festival; they also approved entering into a contract with Business to Business Consulting to provide alcohol and drug testing services and declared four vehicles, over 7000 electric meters and other equipment as surplus to be sold or scrapped.

George Fields of the Concerned Citizens Committee and residents Stanley Clark and Marvin Reddix were on the agenda to speak but arrived 15 minutes late.  After the board unanimously voted to reschedule them for the February 26th meeting, the three told the board they felt they had been “disrespected” but promised to return in two weeks.

Note: Stanley Clark spoke with ClarksdaleNews after the CPU board meeting.  He says that he was asked to come to the meeting at 4:30.  He said he was there by then.  Accompanying him was Marvin Reddix, who is from Clarksdale, but lives in Atlanta.  Reddix had flown in from there to attend and speak at the meeting.  When asked if Commissioner and Board leader James Hicks and anybody else in the meeting knew that Reddix had traveled to partake in the meeting, Clark said that Hicks certainly did. “He showed us no respect or courtesy at all,” Clark added, “now Marvin will have to come back from Atlanta again to speak for the Concerned Citizens.”

ClarksdaleNews wonders, again, about the priorities of the CPU Board, and perhaps more flippantly, how will that new Starkville PR firm fix this?

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