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A brief review of some of the 4-H MSU Extension programs Shannon provides to Coahoma County and Clarksdale:  (for more information call:  662.624.3070)

4-H Clover Chefs Cooking Program:

  • Shanna teaches this program.
  • More volunteers to help and participate are welcomed.
  • Classes are hands-on in a full kitchen.
  • Clover Chefs is free, open to the public.
  • Classes are at 503 E. 2nd (at the Coahoma County MSU Extension Service offices).

4H Shooting Sports: (Shanna certified, and volunteers, more needed)

  • Shanna is a certified teacher in the program.
  • Volunteers are welcomed (program has 10-15 volunteers helping).
  • There is a background check on volunteers (to maximize safety).
  • Teaching on shotguns, .22 rifle, pistol, archery.
  • Location is a private shooting/archery facility (owned by a program volunteer).
  • Age range 8-18.
  • 11-12 age group is usual, 40 students in latest class (of these 40, 23 qualified for the State competition in Charleston, MS).
  • Open to public, no fee (other than ammo cost).
  • Most need to have own gun or bow (but there are a few of each available).

The Presbyterian Day School is teaching archery presently, and it is possible archery lessons may become available through St. Elizabeth School as well.

A few of the shooting sports students have made it to the State level competition (an archery student who did not win State last year swears he will this year).  Another of the students is going to the State Shotgun competition too.

Hunting Safety:

  • Not a Coahoma MSU Extension Service per se (though coordination occurs).
  • Taught by game wardens.
  • Students usually start at 12-years of age.
  • Certification training for 16-year-olds to be alone on the woods to hunt.

4H  Clover Buds Program

  • Shanna teaches.
  • Volunteers welcome.
  • Science, arts, crafts camp for 5-8 yr olds.
  • Presently working on terrariums, tornadoes in a bottle, ice cream in a bag.
  • 10 children in program now.
  • Free to the public.
  • Classes at 503 E. 2nd.

4H Kids-in Kitchen Camp

  • Shanna teaches (cooking and safety).
  • Volunteers welcome.
  • 13 kids in kitchen camp now.
  • Class filled in 2 days.
  • Fee top public.
  • Classes at 503 E. 2nd

Here’s what they did today (Jun2 27) in Kids-in Kitchen Camp:

  • a Pre-test (to get a baseline).
  • Kitchen safety discussion.
  • Prep discussion, and cooking terms (reading recipes and ingredients).
  • Utensil teaching and measurement skills.
  • Hand washing.
  • They cooked or made: Yogurt fruit crunch sundae, energy bites, ham & cheese sliders, grilled quesadilla w/ veggies.
  • Finish w group photo and clean-up.

4H baby sitter training

  • Shanna teaches, and nurse practitioner Meg Lewis teaches 1st Aid.
  • Training consistent w/ Univ. Kentucky publication (best baby sitter training anywhere).
  • Boys enrolled go through some adjustment (esp. w changing diapers).
  • A trained baby sitter is better for everyone involved.

4H Sewing

  • Starting in July.
  • Taught by Linda Whatley, MS Clothing volunteer (association sewing teachers).
  • Sewing essentials, arts and crafts w needle and thread.

Shifting Rhythms Program

  • Boston College students teach.
  • Students learn about 3-D and screen printers.
  • They learn the process of making 3-D product.
  • For 12-18 yr olds (room still for class).
  • Classes in trailer set up at JW Stampley 9th grade Academy.
  • Free to public.

4H Scratch Junior Program

  • A program to teach 5-8 yr-olds beginning computer logic and thinking (8-12 yr-olds too)
  • Shanna teaches.
  • Volunteers welcome.
  • Volunteers already being taught to help Shanna.
  • Children learn basic logic, foundation for programming.
  • Taught on iPad’s (more iPads needed).
  • Free to public.

Family Consumer Science (FCS)

  • Child care training & certification classes.
  • Tummy Safe certification classes.
  • Required for all child care centers in state.
  • 2 hrs month for certification.
  • (info from quick notes, more likely involved, call 662.624.3070)

Serve Safe Program (FCS)

  • Shanna certified to teach.
  • Serve Safe designation required for all restaurants. (must pass Serve Safe test)
  • (info from quick notes, more likely involved, call 662.624.3070)

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