Busters Discount Tree Service, Clarksdalle, Mississippi
Newson Center, Clarksdale, Mississippi

Coahoma Opportunities Inc.

THIS PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION:  come back and watch it grow (the notes here are how COI and Headstart admin will help us build this to best serve our community).

with photos

Administration/staff (may go under separate button, will look like City/County officials pages)
title, photo, bio

Directory: (may also go under separate button, will look like City Staff page)
department, title, phone no, extension, email address (biz, not necessarily personal)

COI Programs (listed one-by-one, every one of them)

Each program: (for Headstart, will identify, and link to other page.  All other COI programs listed here)
1. brief program overview/mission statement
2. bullet points further describing what program is
3. who/age-group profgram is for
4. how many in program?
5. Director(s) / teachers / help / volunteers… etc (names and photos if possib)
6. How to get in program/qualifications (if applicable)
7. Program length (how long)
8. When does program meet>
9. Program OUTCOMES (how headstart helped)

Remember:  think through what public asks you, let’s answer every question about what COI is, what it does, how it helps, and what is required to be part of it.

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