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South seeks to end 1965 voting rights protections.

2 Day in Civil Rights: South seeks to end voting rights protections

From 2019 EJI Calendar 2013: Alabama officials argue before U.S. Supreme Court in Shelby v. Holder that Voting Rights Act of 1965’s protections are no longer needed to prevent discrimination.  The Court later agrees. From EJI Timeline Despite adoption in 1870 of the Fifteenth Amendment barring racial discrimination in voting, Southern states and others used […]

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Trayvon Martin.

2 Day in Civil Rights: Trayvon Martin shot

From 2019 EJI Calendar 2012: Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old black boy, is killed in Sanford, Florida; police arrest shooter George Zimmerman after national outcry against claim that ‘Stand Your Ground’ barred his prosecution. From EJI Timeline On the rainy evening of February 26, 2012, 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, a black boy, was fatally shot in a […]

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Teens tweet Trump, win bi-partisan civil rights legislatin.

Teens tweet Trump, win bi-partisan civil rights victory

Teens tweet Trump, find Senate ally, score civil rights win From THE ASSOCIATED PRESS by Lisa Mascaro WASHINGTON (AP) — All the bill needed to become law was President Donald Trump’s signature. It would create a national archive of documents from civil rights cold cases. Students had been working on the project for years, families […]

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Anti Chinese convention, Idaho, 1886.

2 Day in Civil Rights: anti Chinese convention

From 2019 EJI Calendar 1886: Anti-Chinese convention in Boise, Idaho starts often violent movement against Chinese immigrants; Chinese share of Idaho population decreases from one-third in 1870 to nearly zero by 1910. From EJI Timeline Anti-Chinese Convention Held in Boise, Idaho During the second half of the nineteenth century, an increase in mining activity and […]

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Elaine Baker, Ph.D. holds a black history and poverty panel at Cohoma Community College.

CCC panel on Analysis of Historical Occurrence, The Poor People’s Campaign

Elaine Baker, Ph.D., Joins Panelists in Analysis of Historical Occurrence, The Poor People’s Campaign From COAHOMA COMMUNITY COLLEGE by Melody Dixon At a recent black history observance, Professor Emerita Elaine Baker, a guest panelist who taught social work at Albany State University, a historically black college located in Albany, Georgia, told attendees that people have […]

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Frazier Baker lynching marker, South Carolina.

2 Day in Civil Rights: mob attacks postmaster and family

From 2019 EJI Calendar 1898: After Frazier Baker is appointed postmaster of Sumter County, South Carolina, enraged local white people burn his home, fatally shoot him and his infant daughter, and wound his wife and other children. From EJI Timeline White Mob Attacks Black Postmaster and Family in South Carolina Lynching Frazier Baker was a […]

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Montgomery, Alabama bus boycott indictments, 1956.

2 Day in Civil Rights: 85 indicted for Montgomery bus boycott

From 2019 EJI Calendar 1956: Grand jury in Montgomery, Alabama indicts 85 bus boycott leaders and charges them with violating a statue that barred boycotts without just cause. From EJI Timeline African Americans in Montgomery, Alabama, began boycotting city buses in December 1955 to protest the poor treatment black passengers received on the segregated vehicles. […]

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Japanese internment, 1942.

2 Day in Civil Rights: FDR signs Japanese internment order

From 2019 EJI Calendar 1942: President Franklin Roosevelt signs Executive Order leading to forced internment of 120,000 men, women and children of Japanese ancestry living in the western U.S. From EJI Timeline During the early twentieth century, prejudice against Japanese Americans was rampant in the United States. After Japanese military forces bombed American forces at […]

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Robin DiAngelo.

Racism is not just someone who uses the “N” word

Academic Robin DiAngelo: ‘We have to stop thinking about racism as someone who says the N-word’ Racism is a system rather than a slur; it is prejudice plus power! From THE GUARDIAN by Nosheen Iqbal Why is it so hard for white people to talk about racism? It is a question posed by the white […]

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