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Civil Rights, Poverty, NAACP progress

Yazoo County cited as one of the worst U.S. counties by USA Today.

Coahoma County? One of the worst in the country? Really?

USA Today ranks multiple Mississippi counties as worst in the country From WBLT (Channel 13) by David Kenney JACKSON, MS (WLBT) – Mississippi once again gets a low score for quality of life for residents. A recent study released by USA Today ranks many areas of our state among the top worst counties to live […]

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Lloyd Gaines.

2 Day in Civil Rights: whatever happened to Lloyd Gaines?

From 2019 EJI Calendar 1939: Lloyd Gaines, a black man, disappears months after U.S. Supreme Court orders him admitted to University of Missouri School of Law;family suspects he was murdered. From EJI Timeline Lloyd Gaines Disappears After Winning Missouri Desegregation Case On March 19, 1939, just months after he prevailed in a lawsuit to force […]

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Myrlie Evers, Phil Bryant, Cindy Hyde-Smith

Myrlie Evers challenges Gov. Bryant over Bennie Thompson snub

‘I Can’t Keep Calm’: Myrlie Evers-Williams ‘Incensed’ at Bryant, Hyde-Smith From THE JACKSON FREE PRESS by Ashton Pittman JACKSON — Civil-rights activist Myrlie Evers-Williams told a radio host Friday that she refused “sit down and be quiet” after Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant credited only President Donald Trump and the state’s two white Republican U.S. senators […]

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Myrlie Evers Williams

Myrlie Evers on her National Monument designation

For Myrlie Evers, her thanks are mixed with memories From MISSISSIPPI CENTER FOR INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING by Jerry Mitchell Myrlie Evers expressed thanks that her family’s home is becoming a national monument. Her gratitude mixed with memories. “It will always be the home that Medgar Evers and I lived, loved and reared our children in until […]

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Cherokee Indian Nation

2 Day in Civil Rights: Cherokee Nation v. State of Georgia

From 2019 EJI Calendar 1831: U.S. Supreme Court declares in Cherokee Nation v. State of Georgia that tribes are “domestic dependent nations” whose relationship to the U.S. “resembles that of a ward to his guardian.” From EJI Timeline Supreme Court Denies Cherokee Nation Protection of Courts Beginning in 1827, the State of Georgia enacted legislation […]

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Tuscarora Massacre (Image | Wikimedia Commons )

2 Day in Civil Rights: Tuscarora Massacre

From 2019 EJI Calendar 1713: Tuscarora Indians withstand colonists siege of Fort Nooherooka in North Carolina Territory for three weeks before most burn to death in fire that destroys fort; survivors join Iroquois tribe. From EJI Timline Tuscarora Massacre Leaves More than 950 dead or enslaved in North Carolina On March 15, 1713, European Colonists […]

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Medgar Evers home to be National Monument.

Medgar Evers home to become National Monument

From WLBT CHANNEL 13 by Josh Carter JACKSON, MS (WLBT) – Mississippi Senators Roger Wicker and Cindy Hyde-Smith have commended President Trump for signing legislation that would designate the home of Medgar and Myrlie Evers as a national monument within the National Park System. The Evers home is currently a Mississippi landmark under the State […]

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SAE fraternity racist video.

2 Day in Civil Rights: SAE Oklahoma frat members leak racist video

From 2019 EJI Calendar 2015: This week, protestors march after University of Oklahoma’s Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity is taped singing a song that includes the n-word and “you can hang him from a tree, but he’ll never sign with me.” From EJI Timeline Country’s Largest Fraternity Under Scrutiny After Leak of Racist Video By Members […]

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Racist San Francisco police officer texts.

2 Day in Civil Rights: racist police officer texting, San Francisco, 2015

From 2019 EJI Calendar 2015: Uncovered evidence of San Francisco police officers’ text messages referencing cross burning and lynching is released to news media. From EJI Timeline Racist Texts Between San Francisco Police Officers Uncovered On March 13, 2015, a flurry of racist text messages sent between several members of the San Francisco Police Department […]

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The Southern Manifesto, Harry Byrd (Image | Virginia Museum of History and Culture )

2 Day in Civil Rights: Harry Byrd and the Southern Manifesto

From 2019 EJI Calendar 1956: U.S. congressmen from 11 Southern states issue the The Southern Manifesto declaring opposition to the Supreme Court’s Brown v. Board decision to desegregate schools. From EJI Timeline The Southern Manifesto By March 12, 1956, Senator Harry Byrd of Virginia convinced 101 of the 128 congressmen representing the eleven states of […]

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