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Luis Ramirez.

2 Day in Civil Rights: Fed charges for covering up immigrant murder

From 2018 EJI Calendar 2008: Police officers in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania face federal charges for covering up murder of Mexican immigrant Luis Ramirez by white teens spewing racial slurs. From EJI Timeline Shenandoah, Pennsylvania, Police Officials Indicted for Attempting to Cover Up Murder of Mexican Immigrant On July 12, 2008, six white teenagers beat Mexican immigrant […]

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The Vicksburg Massacre, 1874.

2 Day in Civil Rights: the Vicksburg Massacre

From 2018 EJI Calendar 1874:  After Peter Crosby, a former slave is elected sheriff in Vicksburg, Mississippi, whites remove him and kill black citizens who try to reinstate him.  Crosby is later shot in the head by J.P. Gilmer, a deputy. From EJI Timeline Vicksburg, Mississippi Massacre: White Mob Attacks Black Political Meeting During the […]

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James Baldwin.

James Baldwin on the American Dream

James Baldwin and his words are still as relevant as the day on which they were first spoken! He speaks to each and every one of us! If you like this, watch “I Am Not Your Negro” – fantastic documentary film of his life. The trailer for this important film follows.

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Rides for Freedom in the Civil Rights era.

2 Day in Civil Rights: Segregation in interstate restaurants ruled unconstitutional

From 2018 EJI Calendar 1960:  In Boynton v. Virginia, U.S. Supreme court rules that racial segregation in interstate bus terminal restaurants is unconstitutional. From EJI Timeline U.S. Supreme Court Rules Racial Segregation in Interstate Bus Terminals Is Unconstitutional In 1958, Bruce Boynton, an African American student at Howard Law School, was traveling by bus from […]

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Massachusetts segregated schools 1849

2 Day in Civil Rights: Massachusetts Court says yes to Boston segregated schools

From 2018 EJI Calendar 1849: Massachusetts Supreme Court hears argument in Roberts v. City of Boston and later rules that the city can mandate separate separate schools for black and white children. From EJI Timeline Massachusetts Supreme Court Upholds Segregated Schools The Massachusetts Supreme Court declared slavery illegal in 1783, a decision which ushered in […]

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Basics: Harrison County Juvenile Detention Center in Biloxi, Mississippi is operated by Mississippi Security Services (formerly the Biloxi City Jail) currently run by Director Warden. A fire in 1982 killed 27 inmates. There is currently a lawsuit against them, which has forced them to reduce their inmate population. They must now maintain an 8:1 inmate to staff ratio.

2 Day in Civil Rights: the false myth of the ‘super-predator”

From 2018 EJI Calendar 1995:  Criminologists predict youth crime wave by “radically impulsive, brutally remorseless” black male “super-predators,” leading to laws that expose thousands of kids to adult prosecution. From EJI Timeline False Myth of the “Super-Predator” On November 27, 1995, the Weekly Standard published an article by Princeton University political science professor John Dilulio, […]

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The Gong Lum v. Rice Supreme Court case came out of Rosedale, Mississippi.

2 Day in Civil Rights: The Gong Lum Supreme Court case out of Rosedale

From 2018 EJI Calendar 1927:  U.S. Supreme Court in Gong Lum v. Rice allows Chinese citizen’s exclusion from a state school for white children because she can attend a “colored school” with equal education facilities. From EJI Timeline Supreme Court Upholds Law Banning Chinese Americans From White Schools First adopted in 1890 following the end […]

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