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All it took to fix... was no time at all!

All it took to fix… was no time at all!

After moving back home from Lake Tahoe two and a half years ago, the lid on our trash bin to fall off about six months ago, and since then when it rains, our bin does a great job collecting water.  And then it weighs about a ton, and is difficult to wheel out to our street those weeks that it rains.

So, we yacked about it ourselves, griping when it became a heavy rain receptacle, then we finally decided to figure out how to get it replaced.  Yesterday.

Maxene went to City Public Works, met a nice lady there at their Auditorium Building office, and today at 11:15 am two City Public Works folks came out, and replaced the broken lid on our bin.

And all it took for City Works to do a great job for the public… was no time at all!

Excellent work, Todd Jones, and staff.  Well done!

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