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The former administration fires 3 CPU Board Members for NOT letting it go,
the current administration VOTES TO LET IT GO.

WROX Radio, Clarksdale, Mississippi.

From WROX:

At the beginning of yesterday’s meeting of the Clarksdale city board, Ward 1 commissioner Bo Plunk moved to change his vote from “yay” to “nay” on a matter that came before the body on February 14th.  Plunk’s change made the vote 2-to-2; a tie that was broken by Mayor Chuck Espy’s “yay” vote.  The issue, not stated publicly yesterday, was whether or not to prosecute former Clarksdale Public Utilities customer service manager Maple Melton.

In 2015 three CPU commissioners refused to terminate Melton after an audit found she had transferred credits from other accounts to pay her utility bill and the bills of others.  Melton was terminated only after city commissioners replaced three CPU commissioners, then was indicted and charged with embezzlement.  After yesterday’s vote ward two commissioner Ken Murphey, who voted NOT to drop the prosecution, expressed disappointment and frustration over the board’s decision.

(Note:  The following is from a February 12th WROX news article about the Mayor’s position on a recent report from the Clarksdale Police Department special operations team:

“Following the report Mayor Chuck Espy said the city’s mission is to protect good people and punish bad ones and urged criminals to stop their illegal activities. Espy added that criminals who sell drugs, burglarize homes or pull a gun on law enforcement officers run the risk of being killed.”

Elected officials, an appointed official and several citizens have reached out to ClarkdaleNews to question Yesterday’s vote. To them, this vote may seems to possibly to be arbitrary and an inconsistent position on this particular matter. One also asked if this vote might mark a difference in the City’s position on white collar crime vs the usual and customary criminal activities in Clarksdale.

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