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Facebook.ClarksdaleNews found comments from some of our citizens on a Facebook page trail interesting, and worth sharing.  Although all names were in public on that Facebook page, they have been removed here.  Only their comments follow exactly as stated.

The Headline:

I truly feel sorry for CLARKSDALE!
You can go just a few counties away and it’s totally different!

The Comments:

•  It’s the truth!!! Clarksdale is a joke no one takes this place seriously… it’s a circus with several ring masters and performers…

•  Smh!

•  I was out riding last night man when I tell you our town is like a ghost town,nothing here nothing to do,all the store closing,this town looks like poverty.

•  I mean even in the day time!! It’s not one place here for kids! Not one!

•  What make it so bad Espy got a police officer front and center at City Hall to keep people away, before he got into office he was all about and for the people, now you got to make an appointment just to see or talk to him, he never returns phone calls. Hell, he ain’t doing nothing for the people of Clarksdale, so what he had a couple of lawns did, cleaning drains so the water can flow, shit my mom can do that, and she’s 80. If the people don’t wake up it’s going to be a disaster. We almost there now.

•  I agree we pretty much there… allow him his term… but we have to be mindful the city belongs to the people here… Clarksdale doesn’t have one clean neighborhood, NOT ONE… a new jail … but over three neighborhoods schools boarded up. Something is absolutely wrong there!!!

•  The jails/prisons are a systematic issue but the grass isn’t always greener on the other side! Like you said its a people problem and people from other counties that’s been there most or all of their life will attest to the fact of favoritism,cliques and all the likes… We gotta stop voting for people because we THINK we know their agenda for the greater good? Are they truly impartial? (CAREFULLY answer that one) Have they broken promises before? Are they inheriting a mess?Have they even actively tried to begin to straighten it out ( it won’t happen overnight) All of these things and more play a factor in our officials.THEY ARE ELECTED! The people have the power, IF we use it!

•  Amen

•  I’m with you..

•  I think everyone should visit me in Nashville for one night.. u will love it.

•  Truth is just about anywhere is better than here!

•  True I be bored as hell wen I come to mamas.

•  I feel ya fam… blessed to get out when I did.

•  Yes…. kids don’t have half the childhood we did!

•  Exactly, Some of my favorite memories…

•  And it gets worse day by day, tbh!

•  Amen

•  I went over there russwin str cherry str to Do Hair it look like ghost str lot houses over there empty I hope it get better for the children it’s starts with the people of Clarksdale. I can say the crime rate down.

•  Great leadership makes a difference. That’s with anything. Praying it gets better. I’m always in and out in 24hrs.


•  I left some stay but glad u r happy living your best life.

•  Sad but true

•  I left in 2002 and I don’t regret it. I love home but growth is too hard there. When I left and was gone for a while I was like wth I was waiting on. Now I will say this if your mindset hasn’t changed you might as well stay there.

•  That place is cursed!

•  I don’t think it’s cursed. I think the opportunities are limited and the people are not involved with the growth or change , from the school system to the job pool is poor . It going to take the hold village to over turn the situations for the better.

•  Opportunity is limited everywhere not just here in Clarksdale…. I see it as this and this my opinion only… why give you more and you can’t even take care what you already have??!!! Why build new homes to buy and you not taking care the homes you have…. all because it’s a new home?!! Why give you a position and you can’t make it to work on time at the job you already have??!

•  It’s a sad case for so call adults to be so illiterate when it deal with political affairs. Federal, State & local municipals are all under one system and that system would be the people of our nation…. CLARKSDALE is anywhere from 65 to 67 percent p(oor?)

•  Its all about #GROWTH people. Telling yall some of the 1st steps to Growth and Prospering!

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