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WROX Radio, Clarksdale, Mississippi.From WROX:

At yesterday’s meeting the Clarksdale Public Utilities commission again heard from Clarksdale resident Annie Houston.  When she addressed the board in July regarding high electric bills board chairman Freddie Davis promised a “full investigation” would be undertaken; he reiterated that yesterday adding “we understand and are listening”.

Ms. Houston was accompanied by 8 to 10 other customers with similar complaints although only she and George Fields spoke to the commission.  After the group left commissioner James Hicks took issue with some of their comments, saying no one at CPU or on the board is “penalizing” customers or manipulating their bills.

(Annie Houston’s appearance before the CPU Board in July was covered by Josh Troy in the Clarksdale Press Register.  Article follows.)

Note:  Annie Houston’s first appearance before the CPU board had to do with her electricity bill increasing in June by a little more than $100.  As far as ClarksdaleNews knows to date, this continues to be a problem for Annie and many of her friends who are seeing increases in their bills compared to years prior, and these increases pose a real problem for them and their families.  To put a $100 plus CPU bill into context, CPU paid the Hunt Law Firm$22,350 on 8/14 (from an invoice dated 7/25/18).

CPU customer not happy with bill

Clarksdale Press Register.Josh Troy The Press Register | Posted: Thursday, July 19, 2018 12:22 pm

Customer bills took center stage at the first Clarksdale Public Utilities meeting for July when Annie Houston appeared before the board to register complaints.

Houston, who resides at 1532 Cedar St., was unaware of the process individuals must go through to speak during board meetings when she appeared at the meeting. As a result, the board let her speak even though she was not on the agenda.

Houston said her monthly bill was raised from $142 to $230.

“I’m telling you all I have not done anything different,” she said. “I’m single. I work from paycheck-to-paycheck. When I leave, nobody is left at my home. For it to take a big jump from $142 to $230, I want to know what’s going on? Something has got to be going on.”

Houston said her 2017 monthly bill for this time of year was $153 and it was $136.75 for 2016.

“What am I doing differently for my bill to go up this high?” she said.

“I can’t tell you what you’re doing different, but we will do an investigation and give you a prompt answer,” board president Freddie Davis replied.

“I appreciate that,” Houston said in response. “You all know what? When I looked at this bill, $230, I almost had a massive seizure. I’m glad that I didn’t. I’m just being honest with you all. Day and night, I’m trying to sleep and all I’m thinking about is this $230 bill. If my brother hadn’t of helped me you all, I couldn’t have paid it.”

Houston said the bill was more than half of her two-week paycheck and she will have lived in her home for four years this coming November. She said she did not use her window air conditioner this summer, unlike the past three years, and there was still an increase in her bill.

Board member James Hicks asked Houston if she talked to representatives from customer service.

Houston said she did, was told her meter was installed in January and could pick up everything.

“Something is wrong. I’m serious,” she said.

“If I was doing something different, I promise you I wouldn’t even open my mouth.”

Houston said she was good at saving money.

“If it’s $230 now, can you imagine what it’s going to be next month?” she said. “What about next year? It’s going up every year now.

“I’m depressed, oppressed, under-pressed and everything because of this bill.”

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