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We know and appreciate what the Griot Arts Program does here in Clarksdale.  We also know Cali Noland, Ben Lewis, Emily Wisseman, Josea Atibalentja and the rest of the Griot staff, and we’ve seen first hand the results of the service they provide for their students, and for our community as a whole.

We also know that the important contributions that both Griot Arts and Spring Initiative are made possible by grants, a lot of them.  What we don’t know, though, is what goes into one, and most of us have never seen one of these grants.

Cali Noland.

Cali Noland.

What goes into a grant is remarkable.  It’s the heart of their exceptional social services matter, and it takes thought, research, planning and execution to craft a Grant that gets awarded, and behind all of that it also includes a documented history that shows one can actually operate the grant according to stated rules and regulations, and produce measurable positive outcomes from it as well.  In short, a grant application is a thoroughly professional document; they are not easy to do and it takes real experience to write one, and focused determination to pull one off.  It’s also a big time full time job!

Here is a terrific example of an exceptionally crafted grant… about an important educational and cultural undertaking.  Enjoy!

2019 Grant – Music and Media Arts Curriculum


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