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Terminated graphic.

Terminated graphic.

An attendee at the Concerned Citizens meeting on Tuesday evening at the City Auditorium asked a question about the recently terminated Clarksdale Public Utilities executives, Mark Johnson, Steve Reed and Chris Campos.  She wanted to know why they were fired.

CPU General Manager responded to her question that CPU can not legally respond to “personnel issues.”  While this is a true statement, however, CPU can provide their findings in a personnel issue if the person involved signs a waiver for CPU to release the information.  This has been reported previously in ClarksdaleNews.

ClarksdaleNews has also reported in follow up that ClarksdaleNews and both WROX radio station and the Clarksdale Press Register have all asked one or more of the executives if they intended to sign such a release waiver.  The question was asked quickly after termination, and there has been no response to this question as of today.

ClarksdaleNews has personally seen each of the executives since their termination, and Mark Johnson said they were under instructions to make no comment about anything having to do with their matter from their legal counsel.

Yesterday, an official asked off-record if ClarksdaleNews has heard anything about a possible settlement between CPU and the executives.  ClarksdaleNews has not (in fact, this was the first time we have heard such at all).

It has not been confirmed by either parties that a legal suit has been filed in the matter, and any assumptions at this point are also certainly speculative.  Either a suit has been filed, or not.  Legal counsel from both positions could be discussing settlement, or not.  The whole matter could simply go away, or not.  At this point there is no new news.

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