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3rd Stree Bistro, Clarksdale.The new sign on the front of the 3rd Street Bistro went up today, and from all accounts the new Clarksdale take-out food restaurant, and owner Deandre Metcalf, is off to a really good start.

Delta Carbonara at the 3rd Street Bistro.

Delta Carbonara at the 3rd Street Bistro.

The bistro’s ample menu features, entrees, sandwiches, sides and a daily special.  According to Deandre, business has been steady everyday since he opened.  He says most days it’s busy from the time he opens until he closes. “Most days,”  he says, “customers keep me open ’til 9 or 10 o’clock at night.”

Today's White Plate soul food special.

Today’s White Plate soul food special.

Deandre uses a nice piece of software on his phone to check his business.  There is a daily record of what happened, complete with customer counts and dishes served.  Accounting functions are included in the software as well.

Over the last few days, (they were closed on the 4th) 3rd St. Bistro has had an average of somewhat less than 100 food orders per day (some/many orders are for multiple people).  One day had more than 100, another 97, and the low was about 60.  3rd Street Bistro fans so far really like the White Plate Special (it’s soul food) and the Delta Carbonara.

Check out 3td Steet Bistro when you can.

216 3rd Street, Clarksdale

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